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Do you want to take a full-day tour of Berlin and walk through the history of the city like a Berliner without going through any of the most touristy places? Berlin is a multicultural city you will hardly get out of "Mitte" with any other tour. With this one, we want to show you the real Berlin; with real stories from people like you and me. No change has been welcomed at first, like the social movements of the 20th century or when someone emigrates, especially when it is to rebuild a city ravaged by bombing. So how can we avoid making our tour then? ;)

This is the story of Berlin, a unique European capital that still struggles to maintain its motto of "poor but sexy" as it was known in the Spice Girls era. If you want to see a tour where you can walk around without tourists, see the nooks and crannies and explore real everyday life, this is the experience for you.

From the neighborhood of Schöneberg we will talk about the unions in Berlin, the revolution through art, and how the LGBT community flourish in the suburbs; marginalized together with Turkish immigrants to rebuild a city on ruins. To give you an idea, 90% of the buildings in Berlin had been reduced to ashes practically.

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